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We can provide your company with the critical IT support it needs

Whether you are looking for the flexibility of pay-as-you-go IT support services or the reliability of fully managed IT solution, Compudata has the right service plan for your company. All of our Proactive Network IT Service Plans guarantee that your network is managed, routine and preventative maintenance is performed on a scheduled basis and you and your staff have unlimited access to email and telephone technical support on all covered equipment. Your company will also have access to a dedicated IT department staffed by Microsoft Certified Professionals ready to provide hands on remote assistance and/or onsite support as needed.


  1. Businesses looking for more than just reactive hourly IT support, but not ready for dedicated and fully managed IT service.
  1. Companies not meeting the requirements of a fully managed IT service, but want access to Compudata’s experienced team of certified IT Technicians and high levels of customer service.
  1. Organziations that want the added resources of Compudata’s Certified Professionals and state-of-the-art remote access and management tools to supplement their internal IT department.
Business Assesment :
Purpose : Determine Client’s overall view of technology. “Where you are and where you want to be”.


Offer : Client completes a Business Assessment Survey and receive a written report which includes our General Recommendations.


Benefit : Compudata gets an understanding of what type of support the Client requires and what type of technology Client is currently using and is interested in. This process ensures that Compudata’s vision matches the Client's vision.


Service Fee : Free
Technology Assesment :
Purpose : On-Site survey to inventory existing equipment to enable Compudata to prepare a comprehensive customized proposal.


Offer : Compudata makes an onsite to Client’s office to complete a physical audit of existing network equipment. Client receives a detailed Network Status Report along with Customized Recommendations.


Benefit : Client receives a thorough audit of their existing network which is recapped in a Network Status Report for their records and they also receive a customized proposal with hardware and software specifications and pricing.


Service Fee : $225.00*
*Fee is dependent on number of existing network servers and workstations.
Compudata Business & Turnkey Solutions' Proactive Network IT Service Plans:
All of our Proactive Netwotk IT Service Plans begin with Server Monitoring and include:
Comprehensive Tracking of Software & Hardware, Detailed Inventory Reports, Preventative Maintenance Activities Reports, Antivirus Monitoring, Event Log Monitoring, Services Monitoring, Core Health Monitoring, Disk Space/Disk Health Monitoring, Exchange Message Queue Monitoring, Database Size Monitoring, Security Patch and Service Pack Management. They also include Unlimited Email & Telephone Technical Support and Liaison to ISP/Software/Hardware Vendors on all covered equipment.
Options include Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance on Workstations and upgrades to Premium (Unlimited Remote) & Platinum (Unlimited OnSite) Service Plan Levels.
For more information, refer to Network Support Plans