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What we believe

Our Philosophy

Design and build high quality turnkey ICT solutions on time, within budget and without litigation using qualified professionals and state-of-the-art technology.


Commitment to Excellence

The commitment to Quality, Professionalism and customer satisfaction is the key.



In cooperation with our talented engineers, Compudata is continuously developing added value applications and cost savings on ICT projects.


Customer's needs

Serving the needs of the customer is an area where Compudata excels. “The most important thing Compudata provides is customer service”, Mr. Hage says.


Satisfaction equals Success

With 90 percent of its clientele being repeat customers, Compudata proves its expertise in ICT with each project. It truly sets us apart. Whether it is through our engineering services team or problem solving on site, we make it our priority to exceed customer expectations.


Our Partners

Our technology partners are the leading manufacturers of ICT products, so Compudata can design and implement a complete range of ICT architectures. To help our customers implement end-to-end, enterprise solutions strategies, Compudata has built relationships with those manufacturers that truly complement and integrate with each others' components. This ensures interoperability, seamless implementation and maximum performance. We are not attached to a single solution, manufacturer, protocol or platform, nor do we believe in "cookie-cutter" solutions. Our goal is a complete, customized solution for every client based on an objective evaluation of your existing infrastructure, an understanding of its challenges and goals, and impartial recommendations based on industry best practices, next generation technology and intelligent design.


With ICT needs growing at an astonishing rate, many organizations are considering network solutions as a way to simplify data management, increase network availability and decrease costs. Implementing the solution however, may seem like a formidable task. Selecting the right components for a particular environment and installing them properly is absolutely critical.


Consider the following:


Have all of your ICT requirements been addressed?

  • Network
  • Security
  • Intranet
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • VPN

Do you have all the necessary elements?

Unfortunately, you may discover in the middle of implementing a solution that additional resources are required for the implementation to be successful.

Do all the components work well together?

You need to know that all components of the solution fit together seamlessly and provide optimal results.

Will the solution grow with you?

You need to be sure that the solution is flexible and scalable to meet your future demands.

Our systems engineers ensure that all solution components work together, are easy to use, meet industry standards and provide interoperability within the range of the solution. Each solution is thoroughly tested to yield maximum performance.

Time is money. The faster you can implement the system, the sooner you will realize increased revenues and see the return on your investment. Don't waste another minute, or another dollar. Contact us today!