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Security Advices

An IT environment you can rely on?

The ubiquity of IT in today's world presents us with opportunities that have never been available before. However these possibilities also carry a degree of risk because, inevitably, a large amount of any company's business-critical information is stored on its computers and networks. It is therefore necessary to find a balance between accessibility and security and that means creating a reliable IT environment.

It is not only technology risks of which companies must be aware. People are a key component in keeping information secure and it is important to make every employee understand what is required to achieve this.


  • The most common problem is an irreparably broken computer, perhaps a laptop dropped to the floor. It is often not as easy as many people think to retrieve the contents. In fact, in many cases it may prove impossible.
  • The internet, together with internet-based applications, is a wonderful part of our lives, but it also represents an entry-point for attack from all possible types of threat. Many people don't realize the extent of these risks. As a whole, internet threats are not decreasing.
  • Wireless connections are also tremendously convenient, but they too carry a risk factor.
  • Even computers themselves, with their increasing number of USB ports and the boom in new USB applications, present us with completely new risks.


How Compudata Business Solutions can help you?

The only way to combat these threats is for companies to create a reliable IT environment. Accessibility and security should be addressed together. Information that is secure but inaccessible is useless as it cannot be used. Information that is accessible but not secure is, well, like a primed hand grenade.

So the challenge is to create an environment that is both secure yet reasonably simple and where information can continue to be used.


How Compudata Business Solutions can assist you?

Perhaps the biggest challenges face small and medium-sized enterprises, which do not always have the IT expertise and knowledge that is required to cope with today's complex working environment.

Compudata can assist you by providing security advice in many fields like:


  • Wireless networks
  • Remote working
  • Avoiding misuse of internet and IT resources
  • Email usage
  • Security policy
  • Backup and data loss
  • How using a strong passwords
  • Office computer users


Compudata has a lot of experience in assisting companies with building a reliable IT environment that delivers accessibility and security.